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Katie Mueller

I’ve been a Registered Dietitian for almost 10 years, with a Masters Degree in Medical Dietetics from The Ohio State University and a Bachelors Degree in Human Environmental Studies with an emphasis in Dietetics from Southeast Missouri State University.

My Story

My mindset and approach to nutrition has been years in the making. In my years working as a Registered Dietitian, I’ve never had a classic dietitian job, and have always had roles where I get to be a trailblazer. In all of my professional roles, I have aspired to build bridges to meet people where they’re at. Such roles have included Health & Nutrition Specialist for Head Start, Supermarket Dietitian for a large grocery chain based in St. Louis, Community Engagement Specialist, and currently as a Dietitian Data Analyst for a large healthcare system. I’m also a board member of the Young Professionals Board associated with Operation Food Search, one of St. Louis’s largest hunger relief organizations.

Being a dietitian for 10 years has shown me that so often, the food itself was never the root of the issue, but rather the person’s mental relationship with food, movement, and body image. When looking for guidance around food, people tend to flock towards diet programs, apps, books, and television before seeking advice from a Registered Dietitian. These programs promise health and happiness by means of weight-loss with the emphasis of just needing more discipline. They promote severe food restriction, over-exercising and end up leading people down a worse road than where they started. These types of programs create an unhealthy mental relationship with food, body image, and exercise, by promoting disordered eating, and an obsession with exercise, calories and weight. By using shame as a motivator, they take the joy out of food and movement. This road ultimately leads people to worse overall outcomes, all under the disguise of health and wellness.

I jumped at the chance to partner with Autumn on My Sage Body because, as a dietitian, my goal is to help people enjoy food, enjoy movement, and ultimately improve their relationship with their body in a sustainable way. I want food and exercise to add to a person’s quality of life, not take away from it. And as a trailblazer, I’ve come to realize that there is a huge opportunity for dietitians to become more accessible through these types of platforms. We need to be the first tier option available to the public, not diet programs. By doing so we will carve new paths in the field of dietetics, and improve health outcomes for the communities who need us.


I'm always looking for collaborators who believe in the cause and want to help us transform the world of dietetics.