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My Sage Body also has a coaching program for those looking to improve their relationship with food. We teach you the basics, over a two week course and pass the torch for you to practice! Schedule a consultation with us to learn more about what we offer!

MSB Coaching

Nutrition reports

You log your food and get a daily report that breaks down how the food you're eating may influence your body.

Exercise Reports

You log your exercise and get a breakdown of how your exercise may be influencing your body, and suggestions in how to improve these exercises. 


Every day you are sent a short video teaching you how you can navigate the world of nutrition without thinking about weight or calories!

Weekly pattern reports

By logging your food, exercise, and feelings consistently, we can give you an idea of how your body may be trying to communicate with you regarding your habits. 

Community collaboration

You get to join the MSB Slack channel! Here we post inspirational content, offer support from our coaches, and allow for peer support groups with other users.

Be the first to use the app

Be the first users when we begin our Beta testing for the app before it's released to the public.


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