Your body is talking to you, we help you listen.

We are a female lead company who want to transform the nutrition space. Our app and program allows people to develop a loving relationship with food and movement with the ultimate goal of self love and self acceptance. 


We know that growth is not born in a space where shame is the only motivator for change. Fat-phobia has made it impossible for consumers to be their best selves in the nutrition space because they are constantly body-shamed, and pushed to lose weight.

We reject fat-phobia and body or food shaming. We don't believe there are good foods or bad foods. We don't recognize calorie counting and weight as focal points of health. Instead we embrace intuitive eating, we believe health is not defined by size, we educate on how food nourishes our bodies, and most importantly we embrace our bodies as the Sages that they are, and allow them to show us how to best take care of them. Your body is talking to you, and we help you learn how to listen.

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