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We don't count calories. We don't track weight. We reject fake wellness, diet culture, and societal standards. We track how your nutrition and exercise influence your mental and physical health. We help you understand your body, with the ultimate goal of self-acceptance.

The first anti-diet tracking app for the body positive generation.

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~85% of dieting attempts do not result in long term weight maintenance.

Dieting results in hormone changes. These changes affect energy expenditure, body composition, and satiety.

Dieting increases cortisol levels. High levels of cortisol promote the accumulation of fat tissue.

Dieting results in lower resting energy expenditure, known as adaptive thermogenesis.

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This creates a sort of self-funneling system in the diet industry. Allowing different diets to claim to be "the new answer."

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These people have given up and feel immense shame because they blame the failure of the diet on themselves.

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Meanwhile, their metabolism is slowing down due to the increased restriction, and often they are at a higher starting weight at the beginning of each diet, so they're less and less likely to succeed each time.

This is us.

All these unsuccessful dieters are left with disordered eating habits, poor self-esteem and a lack of control around food.

We act as the catch-all for those who have been funnelled through the diet industry and left with a body they don't trust, understand, or feel comfortable in. We help these people find their way back to themselves.